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These are a few web and Perl-related resources that we have developed which may be of general interest:
  • a collection of quick reference cards
    Note: this is a separate site.
  • cronolog: a log file rotation program
    Note: as of 25 January 2002 this is on a separate site (
  • Tie::MmapArray: a perl module that ties a file to an array. The current tar file (version 0.03) is here.
  • WWW::Publish: a perl module that facilitates web content management for the easily bored (the module was previously known as WebSite::WYSIGASP). No longer being developed.
  • Tie::SentientHash: a perl module that implements intelligent objects. The current tar file (0.53) is here.
  • CodeBase module: a perl module to access XBASE files. It interfaces to CodeBaseTM, the XBASE-compatible database engine from Sequiter Software, Inc.
    CodeBase is a trademark of Sequiter Software, Inc.
  • podify, a perl script to extract POD (Perl-style Plain Old Documentation) from configuration files. The documentation is here
  • The complete text of the first edition of Spinning the Web is now available here by permission of the publishers, ITP. The book was the first on publishing with the web and was written in 1994 so it is more than a little dated. However it may be of historic interest. Note that there are broken links in the text. Some sites referenced, have disappeared since November 1994!
  • Finally, if you enjoy cooking then you might like to check out the recipe's of the month on our Pauntley Press web site. These are taken from Catherine Mason's book Veg - simple, stylish and seasonal vegetarian cooking, and are changed each month to reflect what's in season here in the UK.
If you have found any of this material useful, please let me know.

Andrew Ford, 27 January 2002

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