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Spinning the Web

Andrew Ford

Spinning the Web was the first book in print to deal with publishing information on the Web. I wrote the first edition in October and November 1994 and formatted this electronic version in December 1994, while the book was being printed. The publishers now have no copies of the first edition left in stock and have given permission for this HTML version to be published on the web.

Obviously a lot has changed since November 1994 so it is more than a little dated, however it may be of historic interest. Note that there are broken links in the text; many of the web sites and pages referenced have long since disappeared. Apart from these introductory paragraphs the text is exactly as it appears in the first edition of the book.

The first edition of Spinning the Web is now out of print, but we still have a number of copies. email me if you would be interested in buying a copy (cost �10 including postage in the UK - �11 to Europe and �12 rest of world).

A second edition of Spinning the Web was prepared in 1996 by Tim Dixon and may still be available (ISBN 1-85032-290-2).

Andrew Ford
Compton House, August 1998.

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Note: this HTML document was generated in December 1994 directly from the LaTeX source files using LaTeX2HTML. It was formatted into our standard page layout using the Template Toolkit. The document is mainly of historical interest as obviously many of the sites mentioned have long since disappeared.

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