Apache Quick Reference Card

I have updated my quick reference card for the Apache server for Apache version 1.3.3.

(18 October 1998) revision 1.1 of the card has been released covering version 1.3.3.
Also I have put together the bones of a mod_perl quick reference card.
(4 August 1998) revision 1.0 of the card has been released. This revision covers version 1.3.1 of Apache (two new directives and a couple of new command line options). I have had no reports of errors so I am calling this one revision 1.0.
(24 June 1998) revision 1.3.0-0.4 of the card has been released. This corrects errors in previous revisions that marked all directives as being extensions! (due to a typo in the perl script that generated the card).
(16 June 1998) revision 1.3.0-0.3 of the card has been released. New in this revision are the inclusion of Apache-SSL directives, a list of all HTTP 1.1 status codes and a couple of minor corrections and typographical changes.
(10 June 1998) an announcements mailing list has been set up (see below).

The card is available here as PostScript and PDF files in three different versions (about 25KB for the PostScript and 70KB for the PDF):

single column format for A4 or US letter paper PostScript PDF
triple-fold format for A4 paper PostScript PDF
triple-fold format for US letter paper PostScript PDF

For the technically inclined: the single column format card is generated from a database of directives using a custom Perl script, formatted with LaTeX at 11pt using Times and a condensed Courier font and then converted to PostScript with dvips. The triple-fold A4 and US letter versions are created by manipulating the individual pages of the PostScript output from the single column version using pstops. The PDF versions are converted from PostScript using GhostScript.

Any comments on how to improve the contents of the card or on its usefulness would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to receive announcements of updates to the reference card, send email to [email protected], with the line:

    subscribe apache-refcard-announce

in the body of the message.

The card is Copyright © 1998, Ford & Mason Ltd.
Permission is given to print or duplicate the card for personal or internal business use. The PostScript and PDF files may be mirrored on FTP sites and included on CDROMs that also include the Apache web server software. For other uses please contact [email protected].

Automatic log file rotation

I have also written an alternative automatic log file rotation program, called cronolog that works with Apache. Cronolog always writes to a current log file, the name of which is constructed from a template using the current date and time. The template uses the same format specifiers as the Unix date command (which are the same as the standard C strftime library function). For example specifying:

    TransferLog   "|/usr/local/sbin/cronolog /web/logs/access-%Y-%m-%d.log"

would write access log files with names like access-1998-06-09.log (creating a new log file each day at midnight).

Andrew Ford, 18 October 1998

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